1966 Indy 500 Tickets Featuring Jim Clark in his Lotus 38

Jim Clark in his Lotus 38 adorned the 1966 Indianapolis 500 tickets having won the race the previous year. Indy tickets are indeed colorful.

Indianapolis 500 are memorable in themselves. The 1966 ticket featured defending Indy 500 winner Jim Clark in his Lotus 38. Here is what the full ticket looked like.

With a price tag of $5 for gate admission, racing fans got a great deal. I remember paying about $7 to see the Canadian Grand Prix in 1968. Grandstand seating was substantially more expensive.

Graham Hill was featured on the 1967 ticket having won in 1966.

The ticket was auctioned on Ebay. I believe the asking price was in the $200 range. If only $200 could take us back to that day.